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With the further development of the disease, pronounced signs of a violation of the central nervous system appear: nausea and vomiting not associated with food intake; painful cramps; frequent loss of consciousness; impaired coordination (such patients may even fall). Symptoms of actinomycosis of the genitourinary system.

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Primary actinomycosis of the genital organs occurs as a secondary lesion in abdominal actinomycosis due to the active spread of the infiltrate on them and means that the primary focus should be sought in the abdominal cavity. Having formed in the area of Atenolol pills, the infiltrate can move to the tissues around the prostate in men and the uterus in women, but the prostate and uterus themselves may not be affected, despite the proximity of these organs to the pathological process.

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Urine-forming and urinary organs with actinomycosis are affected Tenormin, and damage to the genital organs is generally extremely rare.

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What is mycetoma (maduromatosis, Madura foot). Symptoms. Mycetoma is a kind of actinomycosis that affects the foot. As nosology has been known for a long time, it was especially often found in patients living in tropical latitudes.

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The onset of the disease is manifested by the appearance on the foot (mainly on the sole) of nodes with characteristic signs: dense in consistency; having clear boundaries; pea-sized and larger; first covered with unchanged skin, which then over the seal itself acquire a characteristic red-violet or brown color.

There is a slow but steady progress of the process, and over time the entire sole is covered with knots that disfigure it. They are not subjectively disturbing, as they are practically painless. Sometimes the sole is deformed so that the toes turn upwards. Having filled the entire surface of the sole, nodules begin to appear on the dorsum of the foot.

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The deformity progresses to such an extent that the foot does not look like an anatomical structure, but like an ugly mass covered with age spots, in which many fistulous passages and cavities are revealed that form in place of the nodes after tissue decay.

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The process does not stop and can spread deep into muscle masses, tendons and bones. In some cases, atrophic changes in the muscles of the lower leg are noted. The appearance of atenolol with the Madura foot is characteristic and frightening - a thin shin and a swollen deformed foot.

As a rule, mycetoma affects only one atenolol. The disease itself can last for a long time, for years and even decades (on average, from 10 to 20 years). If the process has gone far, up to the formation of fistulas and characteristic changes in the skin around them, the diagnosis of actinomycosis is not difficult. The initial stages of the development of the disease without additional research methods are much more difficult to determine.